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Imperial Coffee / CAFE FEMENINO (FT25)


30 x 2.5oz



Our Premium, shade grown, organic, and Fair Trade coffee from The Nahuala Coffee Cooperative in Guatemala is grown by women working together to improve their own lives, improve the crops they grow, and care for the environment in which they live.

This is one excellent Brew.  A taste of this coffee starts with a very clean, mildly sweet flavor with a pleasant fruitiness that dances in the mouth with a smooth, buttery body. This is a medium bodied, medium brightness coffee with a very rich flavor and a hint of smokiness.

Café Femenino is designed to help the women on the cooperatives as they are often the glue that holds the social fabric together in these communities.  By putting the economic means in their hands the women are contributing to the welfare of the whole community and building their own self esteem.  The Nahuala cooperative encourages education in their community and provides scholarships that allow the members’ children to attend local schools.

Fairtrade and Organic